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Amen and hallelujah.

“I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul.” It’s appalling to me that from childhood, many black women are taught that their hair is nothing but a problem that must be dealt with. Rather than being told about how to care for it, they learn that it needs to be altered or disguised in order to be considered “beautiful”. Thank God for Tracee’s...

Hair we go AGAIN.

Go ahead. Take one last look… Maybe it’s the time of year. Or, perhaps it’s all the ladies that I saw at How She Hustles, but I spent several days last week missing my ‘fro. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I’ve been cultivating dreadlocks. Over the years, I’ve tried more than once, and I’ve taken them down. But what about this...

Hey loc buddies!

I found this on my favorite loc board today. I figure a few of you could use some inspiration. My hair and I are in a weird place right now. I love it. But my locs aren’t exactly looking or behaving the way I want them to. In my head, on one hand I’m going, “Yay, dreadlocks!!” Meanwhile, I can’t help but thinking about the future. I’ve got a list of...

On fear. And hair.

I’d originally written this as a random tangent in the middle of a recent draft. But it didn’t quite fit. I was talking about the push-and-pull between wanting to create, and knowing that much of what you make is crap. Kind of like that Ira Glass quote that my friend Lisa told me about except I focused on my anxiety and how I recently felt ill during the process of preparing something...

Couldn’t we all use a little…?

This is the best parody I’ve seen in a long time. (Featuring chescalocs aka chescaleigh, the Urban Bush Babes, Taren Guy and Hey Fran Hey.) On various sites devoted to natural hair, inevitably you’ll find them: Posts by black women fretting over the fact that their hair hasn’t grown by leaps and bounds…But when you read more of their story, it turns out that they’ve...

Hair: An Update

So it’s been two years since this happened.
And this is, more or less, how my hair looks today:

Without shrinkage, it’s at or near my collarbone.

Today’s Hair

It’s been about 1.5 years since my last big chop. I really shouldn’t talk about rockin’ locs until I’ve let them fully develop.




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