Hair we go again

Couldn’t we all use a little…?

This is the best parody I’ve seen in a long time. (Featuring chescalocs aka chescaleigh, the Urban Bush Babes, Taren Guy and Hey Fran Hey.)

On various sites devoted to natural hair, inevitably you’ll find them: Posts by black women fretting over the fact that their hair hasn’t grown by leaps and bounds…But when you read more of their story, it turns out that they’ve only been growing it out for a few months.

Heck, I’ve struggled with whether or not to loc my hair* over the years. Lately whenever I’ve put it in two-strand twists, I’ve waited a few weeks. Then I’ve panicked because my hair wasn’t nearly as sexy or long as I wanted the end product to be.

All good things take a long time, folks. Including long hair.

*More on that later. I have an announcement.


One thought on “Couldn’t we all use a little…?

  1. I’ve had my hair in so many states and lengths, and the most recent time I’ve had it barely an inch long was two years ago. I was barely thinking about it and at the present it’s at the point of touching my shoulders. Hair grows if you let it!

    I saw that video floating around. It cracked me up.

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