Hair we go again

Hair we go AGAIN.

Go ahead. Take one last look…

locs6thmonth - March 12 2013

Maybe it’s the time of year. Or, perhaps it’s all the ladies that I saw at How She Hustles, but I spent several days last week missing my ‘fro.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I’ve been cultivating dreadlocks. Over the years, I’ve tried more than once, and I’ve taken them down. But what about this last go-round? I mean, what was it that got me started?

I can’t recall if I talked about it before…But quite frankly I was tired of my loose hair. I saw caring for it as more of a chore than a delight. And of course, I wanted to keep growing it out. I’ve re-booted my natural hair via a big chop at least 4 times since my early 20s, and I really don’t want to do it again.

Yet last week–nine months into the process–I started having visions of undoing my locs within a couple of years.

This idea brought further questions to my mind. I started to wonder…

If, indeed, down the road I planned to take my locs down…Is it really fair to use them as a protective style?

Am I being dishonest..? Am I over-thinking things..? Or is it just…My business?

Thankfully I said “yes” to that last question. Although I have problems with the expression, at the end of the day, hair really is just hair. And it’s not as though I’ve been aching to get a relaxer.

Once I came to that conclusion I actually felt better. Because quite frankly, wearing locs when I know I don’t want them in the long run has felt like the equivalent of buying one of these


so that I can snack on some almonds.


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