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Natural Hair – Products: Homemade Hair Treats

Since I’m trying to put more of myself into this blog, I thought it would be fun to do a brief series on what I use in my hair. I’m not a beauty authority. I’m just sharing what I’ve been using on my type 4a-z hair.

After my locs were undone, I rounded up my old tools and products. I’ve been looking longingly at Honeyfig’s site. But I’m broke. And quite honestly, I already have what I need from them in the first place. (I’ll show you in my next post.)

Now then. A lot of natural-haired women seem to have a spray and an oil in their cabinet. These are mine…hairDIYproducts

Homemade Hair Spritz – Two of the main ingredients in a popular brand-name spritz for natural hair are water and vegetable glycerine. I bought it once purely so that I could say that I’d used it. Nevertheless, I remember that I felt a bit disappointed. I wound up spending a lot of money on something I could make from scratch with ingredients that I already had at home.

Do you have a favorite recipe?
All I used is water, glycerine, and essential oils.

Basic Oil Blend – I have plenty left over from when I was locking my hair. Thus far I’ve used it mainly on my scalp.

It’s a combination of olive oil, castor oil, along with other oils such as almond, etc.

I also used essential oils such as rosemary, orange and lavender.


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