Hair we go again

The Case for Homeschooling: Reason #7585

This story caught my attention.

Over at a message board that I frequent, people are understandably upset. Meanwhile, although I too was angry, I wasn’t shocked. I even wrote a “teachers can snap” post. Firstly, quite frankly, because…They can. Secondly, because I’m aware of just how cruel some teachers can be. When I was younger I was easy prey for a teacher who seemed hell-bent on humiliating me.

Perhaps this is a part of why I am not yet ready to give up entirely on the profession. Too many young people out there could use a light.

Interestingly enough, when I went to Google little Lamya’s story, I found out something. She’s not the first student who’s been a victim of their teacher’s barbering skills.

My research yielded yet another reason to raise an eyebrow: I have no idea about the identity of the teachers. Yet I noticed a trend among their young victims. One case in particular, in India, reeked of either a) racism, or b) the effects of a rather twisted post-colonial, self-hate infused perspective.

I live and work in Ontario, Canada. I have been told time and again that somewhere deep within our province’s guidelines for teachers, there’s a “hands off” policy. It seems to me that there are other jurisdictions that could use that rule.


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