and now for something completely superficial

Glee was GOOD.

Really good.

I know I said I wasn’t really keen on blogging anymore. Consider this a drive-by.

Fast Fact: Glee is my favorite show. I’ve been in love with it since it first started last year. Right now it’s so bad that I don’t even check for new series anymore.


The show has everything I want in a television series. (Outside of Star Trek, I never thought I’d be able to say that again.)

As for tonight’s episode…

It was thought-provoking and intelligent and well-written and well-acted and well-sung and just…

Altogether lovely.

For those who missed it and would like to catch up, the episode was called “Grilled Cheesus”.

Hope you enjoyed that preview. The episode dug much deeper. And nearly made me cry.

There was a great deal of plot development and food for thought. As suggested via the title, it touched on issues related to religion, doubt and the question of belief.

And like the last Trek movie, I will be watching this episode again.

God bless Glee.


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