Today’s Discovery: Kindle for Mac

Click here to get yours.

Even though I know it’ll save me room in the long run, for the longest while I have loathed the thought of getting a Kindle. In my mind there’s nothing like a real book with real pages to hold.

But a little birdie (Writers Digest’s Twitter feed) told me that this book was available for free today.

Initially I was dismayed. On their set of download links, I had clicked to download The Portable MFA via Google.

I thought, “Heh. I have access to Google. Doesn’t everyone?”

Maybe so, but you’re out of luck if you want a book via that service and you’re Canadian.

Fortunately I’m relentless. It was just as I began to lust after My Dreambook via it’s page on Amazon that I noticed a wee “Available on your Mac” notice under the shopping button.

How stoked am I?

The Portable MFA in Creative Writing should come in handy. I’ve been wanting an MFA in creative writing for ages, and I keep telling myself that THIS will be the December that I apply.

However there are other forces at work.

For, as I relayed in an email to my friend Joanne, the main reason I want an MFA is because I think that I lack the discipline to focus on my writing on my own. (I’ve had No Plot? No Problem! and known about NaNoWriMo for HOW LONG now?)

Yet behind the scenes, deep down I realize that this discipline problem is directly related to my desire for success with the written word. Lately I’ve noticed that as my desire for success increases, so does the amount of guilt I heap upon myself about being undisciplined.

I wish I had a chart.

Add to that the fact that

1. My local library has a Writer In Residence program–and I am super-stoked for my first appointment next month. I’m reading the author’s novel to prepare. It’s awesome.


2. My writing course is over, but my assignments have left me with a plethora of possibilities…

And I may not need to get a real-live MFA after all.

All in all, its been a good day in ClaireVille. I hope that y’all are doing well!


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