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Hitler’s Rage

You know that “Hitler reacts to…” meme that’s been going around?

They’ve played things for laughs, and by now it’s been done to death.

But if you’ve ever wondered if the people who make these videos weren’t aware of their own hype, here’s Exhibit A:

Note: There’s some “language”. If you read my blog with your kids around, I don’t want them picking up any new words. 😉

On the flip side of things, here’s the original video. It’s from the film Downfall (originally called Der Untergang). The contrast between the normal translation and the parodies intrigued me.

I suggest you watch the entire movie if you can. Although bleak, it was very well done.


One thought on “Hitler’s Rage

  1. Yes, those are super weird to watch if you happen to be a German-speaker and can understand the original! But I still find them hilarious. (And it’s a great movie!)

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