and now for something completely superficial, Television

GCB, TV, and me.

I thought of a spicier title for this post, then felt compelled to change it. LOL.

So I went to church this week, and didn’t burst into flames when I stepped into the sanctuary. (More on that later…)

Although television has always been a part of my life, right now there are only a handful of programs that I pay regular attention to.

Big Bang Theory – I love this show for its all-out devotion to Nerd Pride.  That, and–sad but true–I see more of me in Sheldon than I care to admit.

True Blood – On only once a year, I catch this show on the down low.  (All I will say is that I’ve seen all 4 seasons, but I don’t have HBO. Or the series’ DVDs.)

Republic of Doyle – Once upon a time in Toronto, a housemate of mine told me she was an actor. I had no idea that she’d wind up on one of my favorite shows.

Seriously, though. Even if I’d never met one of the series’ leads, I’d declare everything on RoD to be utterly flawless.  I’m jealous of their writing staff.

And over the past couple of weekends, a new show has come to my attention.

GCB – You may have heard of it by its original name–Good Christian B-with-an-itch-es.

While its broad humour might grate on some people’s nerves, I think it’s hilarious.

Needless to say, folks like Newt Gingrich are not happy.

Yes, if the show’s title had named Muslims instead of Christians, a certain section of the Muslim population would likely be upset. However people who make this argument are missing the point.

I mean, really. Have the people who are protesting this program actually seen it? Do they have a sense of humor?

GCB does not exist to insult Christians outright.  Rather, it mocks a certain kind of Christian.

The arrogant ones, the pretentious ones.  You know

Kim Gatlin’s book inspired the series. In an interview, she once described a peculiar-but-familiar brand of church people–the kind of folks who use prayer requests as an opportunity to gossip.

Like it or not, backstabbing Christians exist. I think the protestors are upset not because of blasphemy. Rather, perhaps the mirror’s being held up and they don’t like what they see.


One thought on “GCB, TV, and me.

  1. Newt’s right in that a major American network would never have made a similar show about Muslims — but only because the major networks haven’t entirely accepted the fact that Muslim people are normal members of American society and worth making TV shows about. Also, if Newt Gingrich hates a show, that pretty much motivates me to watch it. 🙂

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