let's get physical

This week in Clairedom…

1. I’ve discovered a couple of interesting articles, via a forum that I frequent.

a) Do you know anyone who says, “I can’t be racist. I have BLACK FRIENDS!”?

Meanwhile, certain things that they say or do tell a different story…?

Well. Here’s an article for them. Leave it open on your computer the next time they come over.

b) This is what happens when TMI and racism collide. Some of the products that they have out there for women blow my mind.

2. In Personal Fitness News I am exercising more, and finding that I like it.


It all started a few weeks ago. I have a gym membership, but I never used to go.

I had joined when they first opened, then cancelled my membership. Fast forward to last year. I joined again, and my attendance was spotty.

A few weeks ago their third anniversary came around, and I realized something. I’d never gone for my orientation. Also, during their anniversary open-house, I won an hour’s worth of personal training.

Now, to some, an orientation plus an hour of training may not sound like much. But that two hours’ worth of working out has been a real revelation to me.

I feel more driven and purposeful when I’m in the gym. My trainer came up with a plan for me that included several different exercises. I feel as though I can make the most of my time. I feel ambitious and eager to do and learn more.

And even though just now I caught myself craving a chocolate bar…I find I’ve really been put off of sweets. That’s a revolutionary change if ever there was one!


2 thoughts on “This week in Clairedom…

  1. Lisa says:

    1. Hurray for physical fitness! I had to quit my gym because I couldn’t afford it anymore, and I miss it so much.

    2. Now that I have mixed-race in-laws I thought I might go around saying, “I’m not racist, I have black siblings!” Just kidding; they would never put up with that shit.

    3. And that vagina bleach thing is INSANE!

  2. Lisa says:

    Also, I’m really glad you linked to that Tim Wise article! My folks live in the suburbs of Chicago and they hear people make racist blurbs all the time, especially about President Obama. And it’s always prefaced with (you guessed it), “I’m not a racist, but…” ….argh!

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