Assume the position: Lotus pose

If you’re like me, you might be humbled by your yoga practice. There are some poses that I look at and think “Um…That‘s not going to happen. Not yet…” Meanwhile, there are others that are not too difficult. (Thank you, Warrior 2!) And then there are the ninja poses. You know the ones. They’re likeContinue reading “Assume the position: Lotus pose”

Thank God for yoga.

Before I begin, watch this video. I chose it because it presents the main argument(s) I’ve heard against yoga in one concise package. Now then. Let’s consider reality. I’ve been doing meditation and yoga for a little while. I’m not a pro. Still…A demon has yet to visit me. Among Christians I notice that objectionsContinue reading “Thank God for yoga.”

Namaste = “Nah, I’mma stay.” :)

That title came from this song: What are you doing for yourself these days? As I look ahead at my life’s next phase, I’m eager to prepare myself. For me, that involves removing a mantle of stress that has built up over the years. I find yoga’s helping me out along the way. The moreContinue reading “Namaste = “Nah, I’mma stay.” :)”

RUNday: Resolution #1

There are many goals that I’d love to see come into fruition this year. And in this season of surrender and promises to self…Here’s one thing that I’m going to do my best to give up. Source Junk food. A small thing to some, I know. Still. Eating trash hasn’t served me well. It’s leftContinue reading “RUNday: Resolution #1”

RUNday: Smooth Moves

Lately I’ve been making smoothies featuring my staple ingredients. A Banana – I’ve tried to make smoothies without a banana before. I can’t help feeling as though something’s missing. Maybe I have a potassium deficiency? Fruit – It doesn’t matter to me if it’s fresh or frozen. I enjoy adding strawberries and other goodies. PineappleContinue reading “RUNday: Smooth Moves”

RUNday: RunKeeper

Let’s talk about exercise and technology. Do you use any apps when you work out? My phone already had Nike+ iPod preloaded on it. But as popular as the Nike name is, their software and I got into one too many fights. (In short, it refused to sync some of my runs.) Furthermore, I wasContinue reading “RUNday: RunKeeper”