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Work It Out: Yogify

For the past little while I’ve managed to do a yoga workout every day. In addition to books, I have a couple of reliable DVDs. I also own a pair of yoga apps.

Last year, I downloaded Yogify, and purchased their Level 1 bundle.

Back then, I didn’t try any of their workouts. Not even their freebies.

However, on Saturday, I got the notion that I ought to get down to business. Yogify’s routines are divided into 3 categories–strength, balance, and flexibility. Under each of these, there are five workouts which vary in length, from fifteen minutes to an hour.

So far, so good. As for caveats, the only one I can think of is minimal. Specifically, the pace of each workout. Apart from the obligatory pauses for plank and downward dog, I feel as though Yogify leads users swiftly through routines–faster than what I’m used to on DVDS or other apps such as All-In Yoga.

Meanwhile, the postures seem realistic. Asanas such as half-boat pose may be challenging. But if they weren’t included in these early routines, an amateur like me might not have anything to strive for.


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