let's get physical

Assume the position: Lotus pose

If you’re like me, you might be humbled by your yoga practice. There are some poses that I look at and think “Um…That‘s not going to happen. Not yet…” Meanwhile, there are others that are not too difficult. (Thank you, Warrior 2!)

And then there are the ninja poses. You know the ones. They’re like wolves in sheep’s clothing. You might see a photo of a pose in a book or watch it on a DVD, tell yourself, “I am so there!!” And then, when you try it, you realize that you’re about as flexible as a nail.

That’s me when it comes to the lotus position. I’ve seen it more than once, and every time I give it a shot, I come up with nothing but a big, fat fail.

“WTF is wrong with me that I can’t fold my feet like a pretzel in front of my crotch?”

I mean, really.

In lieu of lotus, I’ve taken to doing either a lazy version of bound angle pose, or a simple cross-legged posture. Still, I don’t want to give up. A few days ago, I found this video.

I have yet to do lotus perfectly. But at least I know that there are folks out there who offer tips on technique!


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