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RUNday: Smooth Moves

Lately I’ve been making smoothies featuring my staple ingredients.

A Banana – I’ve tried to make smoothies without a banana before. I can’t help feeling as though something’s missing. Maybe I have a potassium deficiency?

Fruit – It doesn’t matter to me if it’s fresh or frozen. I enjoy adding strawberries and other goodies.

Pineapple Juice – I’ve had smoothies that use almond milk as a base. I’ve tried other juices. Pineapple juice is my favorite. I know some people will read this and gripe about the sugar that most juices contain. However because it’s natural sugar, I’m willing to look the other way. Plus, pineapple juice has other benefits.


Hemp Powder – This time around I picked up a jug containing maca and ground flax. And I’ll admit it. Hemp powder makes my mixes taste a bit…Sandy Healthy. But it’s a great source of protein. These days, I like to sneak in my nutrition any way I can.

Avocado – Avocados do a body good. Every now and then I’ll stick a chunk in the blender.

What do you like in your smoothies?


2 thoughts on “RUNday: Smooth Moves

  1. I love a good smoothie, period. I also like the fruity ones where something green’s added to it, like spinach.

    There was this Vietnamese restaurant in my hometown that made the best avocado smoothies. I haven’t been able to find a place here that makes them, so looks like I need to start making my own.

  2. Claire says:

    An avocado smoothie sounds like an interesting option. I’ve never tried to make one that used it as the foundation.

    Mind you, I like to make avocado-based chocolate “pudding”. So I guess I’m halfway there. LOL.

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