RUNday: Resolution #1

There are many goals that I’d love to see come into fruition this year. And in this season of surrender and promises to self…Here’s one thing that I’m going to do my best to give up. Source Junk food. A small thing to some, I know. Still. Eating trash hasn’t served me well. It’s leftContinue reading “RUNday: Resolution #1”

Freestyle Food: Applesauce

This is, without a doubt, one of the simplest recipes ever. A few days ago I decided to do some baking. So I went to the store. After I came back, I realized that there was one ingredient that I forgot. Applesauce. source “But Claire,” said my Inner Voice. “You have apples.” And so itContinue reading “Freestyle Food: Applesauce”

RUNday: Om nom nom

As I continue my journey into the world of fitness, I’m more conscious of what I put in my mouth. I haven’t turned into a complete culinary snob. But I’m trying to strike a balance between food that is both delicious and healthy. There are some things I’ve always known that keep hitting me inContinue reading “RUNday: Om nom nom”

RUNday: Smooth Moves

Lately I’ve been making smoothies featuring my staple ingredients. A Banana – I’ve tried to make smoothies without a banana before. I can’t help feeling as though something’s missing. Maybe I have a potassium deficiency? Fruit – It doesn’t matter to me if it’s fresh or frozen. I enjoy adding strawberries and other goodies. PineappleContinue reading “RUNday: Smooth Moves”

Freestyle Food: Super Salad + An Important Tip

I don’t plan on becomming a food blogger. But until I get back to love, life, and the pursuit of Jesus, I figure it can’t hurt to share a meal I made a few minutes ago, along with a vital note regarding yesterday’s recipe. First, the salad: The dressing was made of balsalmic vinegar seaContinue reading “Freestyle Food: Super Salad + An Important Tip”

My Latest Semi-Healthy Treat

I know that recently I wrote about wanting to keep off of sugar. Well…I finally gave in to temptation. Last night I made this: If it looks like a giant cookie, that’s pretty much what it is. But it’s vegan.  And made with beans. Except for not adding salt, I followed this recipe to theContinue reading “My Latest Semi-Healthy Treat”