Freestyle Food: Super Salad + An Important Tip

I don’t plan on becomming a food blogger. But until I get back to love, life, and the pursuit of Jesus, I figure it can’t hurt to share a meal I made a few minutes ago, along with a vital note regarding yesterday’s recipe. First, the salad: The dressing was made of balsalmic vinegar sea salt and olive oil.   As always, I mixed everything to taste. The salad itself contains...

My Latest Semi-Healthy Treat

I know that recently I wrote about wanting to keep off of sugar. Well…I finally gave in to temptation. Last night I made this: If it looks like a giant cookie, that’s pretty much what it is. But it’s vegan.  And made with beans. Except for not adding salt, I followed this recipe to the letter. (Note: Chocolate-Covered Katie is the blog I turn to when I feel like lusting after...

Edible Awesome: Sugar-Free Cranberries

Do you know how hard it is to find cranberries ’round these parts that don’t have sugar in them? Well, let me tell you. It’s a journey that’s been fraught with false promises. A few months ago I asked about a bag of c-berries at a health food store. I was told they didn’t contain any sugar. I trusted in what I was told. There was no list of ingredients on the package. And...

Freestyle Food: The Oats’ Accompaniment

Have you ever made something and thought, “Lord, if I’m gonna keep eating this, I’m going to need help”? That was me with steel cut oats. I should have known something was amiss when I used water instead of milk. (I never make porridge with water.) And then to top it all off…I didn’t useg my head and divide the recipe. Like a good little zombie, I followed the instructions on the side...

Freestyle Food: Chocolate Greek Yogurt…Something.

Confession: One of the reasons that I’m suddenly on an exercise kick is that I’ve decided once and for all to eliminate my muffin top. Every now and then for inspiration I look up different images on Pinterest. This morning I found a photo featuring a comment that mentioned Muffin-Topless. I don’t know if it was her site, or her Tumblr page, but I could’ve sworn that...

Bodacious Banana Bread

Hey Readers! I’m busy. I hate love my life. I miss writing, and in particular, blogging. Here’s something I scratched up a while ago… Enjoy! I keep scratching up notes for entries on my transition into small-town living. But I’m lazy too busy to develop them thoroughly…In the meantime, let’s talk about food!!! For health reasons, I’m trying to keep off of...

True that.

From Heather B. Armstrong a few days ago, via Twitter:
“Drive-thru” and “sushi” are words I do not want to see together when considering options for dinner.


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