Freestyle Food: The Oats’ Accompaniment

Have you ever made something and thought, “Lord, if I’m gonna keep eating this, I’m going to need help”?

That was me with steel cut oats.

I should have known something was amiss when I used water instead of milk. (I never make porridge with water.)

And then to top it all off…I didn’t useg my head and divide the recipe. Like a good little zombie, I followed the instructions on the side of the package to the letter.

This would have worked if I was feeding a family of five. However, it’s kind of bad if you only want one serving for yourself.

On the plus side, my main breakfast dish for the week is DONE.

So, yeah…

After I made my oats, I knew I wanted to sweeten them up. But I didn’t want to add any sugar. Immediately, my mind went to a healthy compromise. I found myself wishing that I’d picked up some date sugar.

And then it occurred to me. We had dates.


2 apples
Cinnamon to taste
Water – Maybe about scant ¼ cup
3 pitted dates
2 tablespoons of dried cranberries*

This is my before photo:

This is my mixture after about 10-15 minutes:


1. The dates dissolved completely.
2. I put in way, WAY too much cinnamon. I kind of eyeballed it. If I had to guess, I figure there was at least 1½-2 teaspoons in there.
3. Forget apple sauce. On its own, my dish tasted like I was biting into apple-tinged cinnamon sauce.

And with the oats?


Nevertheless, the kitchen smelled phenomenal. 😀

If you’re not trying to forgo sweets, have at it. I’m confident that my sauce would be better with brown sugar, but I’m really not trying to go there. For now I’ll say that I think I’ve come up with an excellent healthy option for breakfast.

*More on those later


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