let's get physical

Ok. It’s not Monday.

But Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were last week’s RUNdays.

Wednesday I went out the latest.

It was nowhere near midnight. But it was awfully close to my bedtime.

On my walk back home, I felt like a zombie. An exhausted, sweaty zombie.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) has been a problem. I’ve been looking up tips on how to handle it. I keep thinking about what I should do with my body after I run, and what sort of supplements I ought to take. I figure it can only get better.

Right now my post-workout routine consists of showering and laying down to die.


One thought on “Ok. It’s not Monday.

  1. I don’t think you need special supplements — but you DO need to stretch! If you already stretch now, do more (you really can’t do enough stretching)! Otherwise, I think a daily multivitamin and plenty of fruits & veggies will do you just fine (got me through a marathon!). Also, remember that soreness as you get fitter is totally normal. If it’s at debilitating levels, then you are probably overdoing it and need to slow down or reduce your distance. All that said, good for you! I love (and miss) night runs!

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