RUNday: RunKeeper

Let’s talk about exercise and technology. Do you use any apps when you work out? My phone already had Nike+ iPod preloaded on it. But as popular as the Nike name is, their software and I got into one too many fights. (In short, it refused to sync some of my runs.) Furthermore, I wasContinue reading “RUNday: RunKeeper”

Ok. It’s not Monday.

But Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were last week’s RUNdays. Wednesday I went out the latest. It was nowhere near midnight. But it was awfully close to my bedtime. On my walk back home, I felt like a zombie. An exhausted, sweaty zombie. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) has been a problem. I’ve been looking upContinue reading “Ok. It’s not Monday.”

“A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody.”

Thus sayeth Beyoncé. And man, I rocked it today. I didn’t run at all last week. I’m still working my way through C25K. And even though I didn’t go on Monday, Wednesday and today I hit the road. I went early. It was just after 7. I keep fantasizing about going around 5 o’clock. ButContinue reading ““A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody.””