Self-care? Self aware.

Well, guys, I’ve finally made a decision. I’m gonna start talking with you a bit about my struggles with self-care. Over the years I’ve come to realize that it’s something I truly need. A recent edition of Chivon John’s #sidehustlechat focused on this subject. She asked us an important question: “Self-care has a different meaningContinue reading “Self-care? Self aware.”

RUNday: Resolution #1

There are many goals that I’d love to see come into fruition this year. And in this season of surrender and promises to self…Here’s one thing that I’m going to do my best to give up. Source Junk food. A small thing to some, I know. Still. Eating trash hasn’t served me well. It’s leftContinue reading “RUNday: Resolution #1”

RUNday: RunKeeper

Let’s talk about exercise and technology. Do you use any apps when you work out? My phone already had Nike+ iPod preloaded on it. But as popular as the Nike name is, their software and I got into one too many fights. (In short, it refused to sync some of my runs.) Furthermore, I wasContinue reading “RUNday: RunKeeper”

Ok. It’s not Monday.

But Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were last week’s RUNdays. Wednesday I went out the latest. It was nowhere near midnight. But it was awfully close to my bedtime. On my walk back home, I felt like a zombie. An exhausted, sweaty zombie. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) has been a problem. I’ve been looking upContinue reading “Ok. It’s not Monday.”

“A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody.”

Thus sayeth Beyoncé. And man, I rocked it today. I didn’t run at all last week. I’m still working my way through C25K. And even though I didn’t go on Monday, Wednesday and today I hit the road. I went early. It was just after 7. I keep fantasizing about going around 5 o’clock. ButContinue reading ““A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody.””