Freestyle Food: Chocolate Greek Yogurt…Something.

Confession: One of the reasons that I’m suddenly on an exercise kick is that I’ve decided once and for all to eliminate my muffin top. Every now and then for inspiration I look up different images on Pinterest.

This morning I found a photo featuring a comment that mentioned Muffin-Topless. I don’t know if it was her site, or her Tumblr page, but I could’ve sworn that somewhere along the line, I saw a picture of Greek yogurt, stevia, and cocoa powder. (Mind you, from what I’ve seen of her, in hindsight I realize it was probably chocolate protein powder.)

I got excited. I thought to myself,”OMG, is that a THING?!? Because I could totally go for some chocolate yogurt pudding!”

Fact: I used to bake almost every week, but I haven’t in ages. And after I recently won* a box of cookies, I started to eat them, but decided to throw them out.

Anyways. Moments ago I went to the store.

I bought my ingredients.

And I decided to see what I could create.

I used

1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt
2 heaping tablespoons of raw cacao powder
3 packets of stevia

I mixed these items together in a small bowl.

At this point, my mother was present.

Mom: What is it that you’re making?

Me: I. don’t. know.

I tasted my treat. Then, I furrowed my brow and added 2 tablespoons of agave nectar.


Fact: Healthy alterna-foods almost never taste as good as their sinful counterparts.

According to this web page, Greek yogurt “pudding” really is a thing.

But my gosh. This might just take some getting used to.

Back to the kitchen…

*Last week at a store I spent over a certain amount on groceries. My reward was a box of cookies.


One thought on “Freestyle Food: Chocolate Greek Yogurt…Something.

  1. Aw man, I guess they don’t have chocolate-flavored yoghurt in North America! They do in Germany….I eat it a lot. 🙂

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