No sugar tonight.

What did I do after I came home tonight?

Well. I made this.

Banana bread. The recipe is right here.

At first I was worried. Although crusty on the outside, whenever I stuck a knife in a loaf, it came out goopy. A Little Birdie told me that my grandma used to refer to this as the “balling” stage.


I haven’t Googled the official definition. But if that stage is also known as the “mucky, gummy, bake-me-for-another-half-hour” stage, then yeah. That’s it.

In the end, my elders’ advice won. I didn’t want to burn my babies to cinders, so I gave up and left them alone.

And I tell ya. Magic ensued.

Once cooled*, my loaves firmed up. My bread tastes lovely–chewy, but cooked. Just like regular banana bread.

And all without a pinch of the sweet stuff.

*I just noticed that the recipe says to let the bread to cool “lest you run the risk of an extra-crumbly bread.” In my experience, “crumbly” was the least of my worries. 😉


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