let's get physical

Sweet, SWEET recovery

I drafted this post about a week ago. And although I’m done with Natrel, the brand I’m using right now is almost as good. 😉

For a while they’ve been saying that chocolate milk makes an excellent recovery drink.

I bought some at the store, and man…

We’ll see how it does. Price-wise, it sure beats the protein supplement that I bought last month.

For now, though, let us meditate on the taste.

I reckon there are adults who drink chocolate milk all the time. I’m not one of them.

Imagine my surprise after I first downed some of this

earlier today.

I don’t know what chocolate milk is supposed to be like, but this was nothing short of evil.

Note that the box says “1%”. One percent my arse! *whispers* I thought one-percent milk was low in fat. *stops whispering* I tell you, if not for the label, I would’ve thought I was drinking melted chocolate ice-cream.

Is that how it should taste? Because if so, well…Damn.

I felt kind of guilty. On the other hand, as a young lover once said

Give me my sin again. – Romeo

It was on sale. The least I can do is finish the thing.


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