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C25K Week 3 Day 1

My calves hate me.

I don’t know what it is.

The last time around everything was sore all of the time.

This time, my calves actively ache as I run. With every stride, it’s as if they’re saying, “I. can’t. be.lieve. you. are. do.ing. this. to. us.”

Well, believe it.

Running is something I’d actually like to become good at.

But not while risking an injury.

I’ve been looking into stretches.

I’ve been wondering about my stride.

They say this sort of thing goes away with time…

And I definitely hope so.


One thought on “C25K Week 3 Day 1

  1. Lisa says:

    Yes, keep stretching!! I didn’t do enough of it during marathon training and that was bad. Also, the best thing you can do it get yourself a pair of shoes that is right for you. I can’t stress this enough! If the shoes you’re wearing right now are older, you might want to go to a specialty running store and have them fit you for shoes. They can be prohibitively expensive, but I’ve gotten away with $100 shoes and found the investment more than worthwhile.

    Also, I think if it’s your calf muscles that are really sore, that’s not so bad – it means your legs are changing! If it’s your shins that hurt, you have to be really careful – shin splints are nobody’s friend.

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