status report

“You want fame? Well fame costs.”

Anyone else remember this intro?

Just me, then? Ok…

*cries young-old-lady tears*

Screw fame. I want freedom. The kind that comes from personal liberation. I want the dreams that burn inside my soul to become reality.

Today’s theme is perseverance. Play this in the background if you want:

It’s as though something divine is pushing me forward, asking me to ask more of myself.

Little changes are slipping into my routine. I’ve recently started waking up to jog while it’s still dark. I get a workout, and I’m done before the rest of my day begins.

Ultimately, I feel like God is setting things up for me in a way that says, “If you want X, you’d better be prepared to Y.” That is, if “Y” equals “work my ass off”.

Still, the old demons are doing their thing. Fear and disorganization can be ruthless.

And yet everything is telling me to make way for the life that I want. All I need is the discipline to tear down the wall to get to the other side.


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