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The Abandon

I’ll be honest. I’ve never seen a sci fi series that featured an all-black cast. Meanwhile, I’ve seen sitcoms galore. (The subtext of that fact vexes my spirit.)

Enter The Abandon.

Their website offers more information about the show.

Too often people of color are the “redshirts” of their series. In The Abandon it’s apparent to me that people will die or go missing. But when that happens, it’s not a matter of “Bye-bye TOKEN.” Instead, the show’s racial dynamic allows the loss to be portrayed as a genuine absence.

After viewing the pilot, I couldn’t help but wonder: What are content creators saying when they don’t include minorities as their series’ leads? What about when we’re not included at all–especially in the realm of fantasy or science fiction? Is it that we don’t deserve to have intriguing, supernatural experiences?

I’m thankful for the advent of The Abandon. It’s an idea whose time has come.


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