¡Dios mío! What have I done?

Or what has God done? ‘Cause something about this is beyond me.

I signed up for a writing business class.

Note: That’s not a typo. I’m going to take my writing skills and develop a business around them. I’m not interested in a discourse on business writing.

If you’re poor, you can do the same thing. Sites like skillshare and Coursera have all sorts of offerings. Most are cheap. Some–like the ones on Coursera–are FREE.

At first, I thought, “Oh, geez. I don’t have a business. But I’ll do this anyways…”

I figured at the very least I could use my blog and go through the motions. You know. Blog as business. Or rather, make my blog my business. People do it all the time…


Since viewing my first lecture, the wheels have been turning. Never mind books or stories or scripts.

I have a rough idea for a writing-based business.

I’ve had a few extra Twitter and gmail IDs out there for a while now. They’ve been dormant, laying around. I set them up just in case I ever establish myself in some way and need to attach them to something.

Because hey. You never know… 😉

It’s time I put them to good use.


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