No room for selfies?

Remember Afrobella’s words of wisdom? You know. From a few posts ago

These days–for reasons that I don’t care to get into–I know that on some level I’m supposed to be preoccupied with my “brand”. I’ve tried picking a photo of myself and sticking it on every social media site that I own. However, lately something’s come over me.

I don’t want the life that I live to be all about me.

…This feeling has come at an interesting time. In spite of this sudden desire for modesty, lately I feel as though I’ve been learning to truly appreciate myself.

Yet not too long ago I was looking at one of my pics. And I couldn’t stand seeing it.

I know what I look like. My friends have seen me before.

Maybe it was the shot.

Who knows?

But there’s a fine line between subtle self-promotion and being self-serving. And I intend to figure it out.






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