Spiritual Self Care: Meditation

Whenever the subject of self care comes up, I can’t help but think about my belief that we humans are inherently spiritual beings. Hence, I believe the effort that we put into caring for our souls is incredibly important. Our spirits are our foundation. Meanwhile, in the quest to honour our most sacred selves, I… Continue reading Spiritual Self Care: Meditation

Just because.

The joy that cannot be diminished in spite of hatred and heartbreak. In spite of unexpected evils that seem intent on rising up due to nature’s cruelest whim. I am here, as are you. And we shall not be stopped. I was feeling a little poetic earlier. I’m thankful that deep down, my sense of… Continue reading Just because.

A taste of HERstory: Reflections on an unforgettable evening

In December, all I knew of HERstory in Black is that it was an idea. Emily Mills, CEO of How She Hustles had decided to step out on faith and share her vision: she wanted to create a digital photo series featuring 150 Canadian Black Women. Along the way, Emily asked the women of How… Continue reading A taste of HERstory: Reflections on an unforgettable evening

Stop running.

I remember the day when those words, directed at me, hung in the air. They had been said randomly. If anyone else had uttered them, I think I would have been angry. But the speaker knew me. Not as well as I think they should, but somehow, well enough. “You don’t like yourself.” After hearing… Continue reading Stop running.

You’ve earned it.

Not too long ago, I applied for a position as a blogger on another web site. In the application, I had the opportunity to select a subject to write on. Which option did I choose? Self care. Interestingly enough, soon after I submitted my application, I panicked. How could I write with authority on self-care?… Continue reading You’ve earned it.


Lately I’ve felt a push to get myself ready for something. It’s come on naturally. It’s as though my soul knows I need to fill a space that’s always existed…Yet it’s somewhere that I’ve never been. These days, in spite of all the times I’ve tried and failed, my talk about self-care has begun to… Continue reading Prepared.