Spiritual Self Care: Meditation

Whenever the subject of self care comes up, I can’t help but think about my belief that we humans are inherently spiritual beings. Hence, I believe the effort that we put into caring for our souls is incredibly important. Our spirits are our foundation. Meanwhile, in the quest to honour our most sacred selves, IContinue reading “Spiritual Self Care: Meditation”

Losing My Religion: Foreword

I’ve been thinking about the future of my page. In the days to come, I’d like to dig deeply into self care and spirituality. But before I move forward, I really feel the need to take a look at what I’m running away from. I’m going to begin by offering an honest look at myContinue reading “Losing My Religion: Foreword”

The struggle is real.

A few days ago on my Instagram account, I spoke about facing yourself. Last week I was really moved by Pepper Brooks’ latest blog post. In case you don’t click to read, in “It’s easier to be a Workaholic” Pepper wrote a bit about one of the masks that she wears. I was struck byContinue reading “The struggle is real.”

A taste of HERstory: Reflections on an unforgettable evening

In December, all I knew of HERstory in Black is that it was an idea. Emily Mills, CEO of How She Hustles had decided to step out on faith and share her vision: she wanted to create a digital photo series featuring 150 Canadian Black Women. Along the way, Emily asked the women of HowContinue reading “A taste of HERstory: Reflections on an unforgettable evening”

Solid Saturday: Speak UP!!

Here’s a little something from way back when. There’s nothing like hearing your old sense of ambition falling from your lips to remind you of who you are. For the time being I’ve put my podcast aside. (NOTE: No matter what anyone else says, there’s no such thing as FREE podcast hosting. I mean…sure. SomeContinue reading “Solid Saturday: Speak UP!!”