I feel pretty? Adventures in cosmetics.

From a couple of weeks ago…

Something interesting is happening to me.

I notice that I’m becoming vain in my old age.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased some nail polish.

Earlier this week I put it on.

That photo doesn’t quite capture the colour properly.

FYI, it’s a shade called “sole mate” by essie. There’s a bit of bleeding, but I don’t think I did too badly. Days later I keep looking at my fingers, checking for chipped ends.

Oh! And here’s a tip: I think the key to using coloured polish (as opposed to the clear stuff) is layering. After one coat, my nails looked fuchsia. It took two for them to look closer to the purple-y plum in the bottle.

Moving further up my body…Over the past couple of days I’ve put on a full face of make-up featuring this:

It’s Lineur Intense from L’Oreal. I received a free sample from them ages ago. (Back then, they wanted me to review their lengthening mascara. More on that some other time.)

At first I didn’t use it because the thought of liquid liner intimidated me. My first stroke was a big, fat fail. But like all things, practice makes perfect. And less is more. I figure after a few days of putting on this stuff I should be an old pro. Or at least–comfortable.

I’m actually amused by the fact that I’ve been spontaneously putting more energy into trying to figure out makeup. As I applied my eyeliner I found myself paying attention to variables such as the size and shape of my eyes.

I don’t know what’s going on. It’s as though somehow my superficial self is waking up to the material aspects of womanhood. LOL.

Wish me luck!






One response to “I feel pretty? Adventures in cosmetics.”

  1. lisa Avatar

    Makeup is so much fun!! It doesn’t have to be superficial either – the right amount of makeup, anyways, is no more superficial than wearing well-tailored clothes.

    Also, I think black girls can totally get away with more, and more exciting, colors (hello, orange-red lipstick), so you should totally explore makeup more so that I can enjoy these colors vicariously through you. 🙂

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