Lately I’ve begun to admit some things to myself. Mainly about what I really want out of life, and where I want to be. Not only geographically, but personally.

When it comes to my health, I am realizing more of what I attempted to deny when I was younger. I was never much for wild parties, but I didn’t treat myself well. I like to believe that I have maintained an average-to-healthy diet–but the memory of some rather frequent junk-food binges keeps getting in the way.  And a great deal of time that ought to have been spent sleeping has been wasted staying up doing “research”–aka, satisfying my petty curiosity–on the internet.

Well, friends, let me tell you…

Few–if any–real real problems can be solved by staying up past 9pm to surf the web.  If I get the urge to find out how to make Random Recipe X at half past 11, there’s an excellent chance that I will be able to find that information at a decent hour the next day.

I am learning that I can slow down and take care of myself. And that I ought to because I am precious and a deserving soul.

I am beginning to recognize the obvious. And even though this revelation seems long overdue, I am thankful that it has come.

The only trick now is to remember it.


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