Lately I’ve felt a push to get myself ready for something.

It’s come on naturally. It’s as though my soul knows I need to fill a space that’s always existed…Yet it’s somewhere that I’ve never been.

These days, in spite of all the times I’ve tried and failed, my talk about self-care has begun to take hold. I’ve been making a greater effort to treat myself well. (Who knew that it was work?)

I need to be ready.

But for what?

My first instinct is to say that I haven’t got a clue what I’m getting ready for, but under my skin, I know.

I’m still a dreamer. Deep down I’m thinking about the days when my heart’s desires turn into reality.

As you think about your future, ask yourself:

Do you know what’s coming your way?

Are you prepared?






2 responses to “Prepared.”

  1. Ardean Peters Avatar
    Ardean Peters

    Very good question. I think I do know, if I’m brave enough to accept what I want and to create it 🙂

  2. Claire Avatar

    “…to accept what I want and to create it…” 🙂 That’s profound. I’m gonna let your words sink in. Thanks, Ardean!

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