You’ve earned it.

WaterWomanNot too long ago, I applied for a position as a blogger on another web site. In the application, I had the opportunity to select a subject to write on. Which option did I choose? Self care.

Interestingly enough, soon after I submitted my application, I panicked. How could I write with authority on self-care? I mean, sure, I know it’s important to exercise, but when was the last time I worked out regularly? And my sleep schedule? HA!

I could go on, but in short, I felt like a fraud. How could I possibly proffer myself as a self-care pundit when my own practice was in the toilet?

This question made me take a closer look at my general attitude towards taking care of myself. There’s no denying that I know everything that I should be doing in order to be at my best. So why haven’t I given myself the treatment I deserve? After all, like the slogan says, I’m worth it.

That’s when it hit me. My relationship with self-care came down to one simple thing.


Specifically, the belief that I, Claire, can and should be kind to myself. Proper self-care is more than a way that I can show myself a little love. It’s is something I deserve.

In fact, I think that that last point is the one that too many of us struggle with. Not too long ago I saw a sign that said




(emphasis added)

Mind you, this was supposed to be an inspirational sign. Yet its words left me cold. When it comes to the grand hierarchy of priorities, there are times when others have be taken care of first. Yet constantly giving to everyone else without attempting to secure your own stability can be dangerous.

Self-neglect can lead to imbalance and burnout. And once those demons take hold, how can we be expected to find the strength to serve others?

We have the right to care for ourselves. Doing so isn’t selfish. It’s a matter of survival. And it doesn’t have to be hard. A day at the spa is lovely, but how often do we stop to take an extra breath when we’re in a rush?

In order to put our best selves forward every day, I’m convinced of one thing. Proper self-care needs to be a priority. But it can only be valued once we understand it’s not a luxury, but our birthright.

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