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On Sunday, May the 26th, a group of women came together to celebrate each other and the possibilities present in their lives. Although from all walks of life, these ladies were just like me–people who work at a day job, but strive just as hard to keep their dreams alive.

I was at the 4th annual How She Hustles brunch. And I was truly blessed to be there.

At first I wasn’t even supposed to attend. When I received a notice about the tickets going on sale, I didn’t move quickly enough.* However, I managed to make it onto the waiting list. A few days before the event, I received a message about a last-minute ticket that was available. I made my move, and started thinking about my outfit.

On Sunday morning I took the train into Toronto. It was hard not to feel joyful–even before I arrived. Walking downtown, the city’s energy was palpable. It was gorgeous outside. But after I stepped into Hotel Ocho, love really began to take over. I felt warm all afternoon–and not just because of the weather.

Behold, How She Hustles’ host and founder, Ms. Emily Mills…


And her amazing team.


I couldn’t help but smile whenever I looked around the room. Again and again, one thought danced in my head: Just look at what we can do when we come together!




And I’ll admit it. There’s a reason why I felt so overcome: In my hometown I’ve been living like a hermit. My environment isn’t diverse. Most of my school friends have moved away or are simply unavailable.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent my days thinking that I loved being alone. I’m an only child. Whenever being around others gets to be too much, I’m thankful that I have my space.

But on Sunday, I had an epiphany. I realized that I’ve been lonely. Beyoncé spoke the truth in her documentary. There’s truly nothing like talking with other women. The How She Hustles brunch gave me something that my soul’s been craving: The opportunity to commune with bright, intelligent women such as myself. Not to mention diversity, and air that is ripe with possibility.

I can’t wait until next year!

*Note to future attendees: Tickets to the How She Hustles brunch sell FAST. The minute you see the message announcing them, JUMP ON IT!! And click here to follow their Twitter account. 😉


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