31 Write Now: Face Your Fears

Something in me feels driven to share a glimpse into what I’m learning as I participate in 31 Write Now.

I had a really important revelation the other day. With every post, I’m facing my greatest opponent: Fear. I used to think that what I feared the most was actually my goal—being a successful writer. However now I’m starting to believe that what I’m really afraid of is being a regular writer. The thought of publishing something every day was intimidating at first. Yet when I do so, I realize that I’m looking my fear right in the eye. I’m daring to tap it on the shoulder and say, ultimately, that I don’t care. I have been put here with a job to do. I am going to share my writing every day. Even if only for a month. And I must not fail.

I’m learning to be more transparent in my writing. I’ve spoken my mind regarding some of religion’s taboo aspects. The other day I presented a glimpse into my day job.

It’s funny. A part of me wonders where I’ve been hiding.

To tell the truth, I’ve been afraid of upsetting people who know me in real life. Yet deep down, I know the importance of perseverance. One or two of my recent posts left me thinking, “Well. This is awkward. But I’ve got to post something today. It might as well be the truth…” I have the right to set myself free. Whether I’m comfortable or not, moving forward with my writing is better than standing still.

Knowing this truth about artistic freedom is changing me. In spite of the risk of failure, only perseverance can yield success. The 31 Write Now challenge has brought me back to the essence of what I’ve always wanted. To be a writer. Not only a blogger. A writer. Although blogging involves a form of writing, it isn’t the same thing as composing regular prose or poetry. The other night I opened Scrivener on my computer and looked at some of my offline projects. I felt like it’s been a million years since I’ve seen them.

Overall, preparing and publishing content on a daily basis has been interesting. Here’s to another 3 weeks!


4 thoughts on “31 Write Now: Face Your Fears

  1. stacyaustralia says:

    You just preached right here!! I’m learning how to be more transparent to. Some of these blogs I’m reading are so open and I’m loving it. I talked about my goal to be more transparent this week. I already have some things scheduled that shows me more open.
    I want to be a full time author but I was afraid to share my work. I don’t even know how that was work.

    This #31writenow has been excellent for me in so many ways.

  2. Claire says:

    I agree with you. I think that #31WriteNow is going to change us all for the better!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way. I’m off to check out yours… 😉

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