status report

Here’s to 2014.



I look back and think of what was, know in my heart what is, and look ahead…Knowing what I want my future to look like.

I won’t share many of my resolutions with you. However, I know that in order to achieve my goals, I need to embrace discipline and self-care. And fear has never been my friend.

At the very least, I need to let go of procrastination. Right now I’m working on a project that’s due on Monday. I started a couple of days ago, and although I’ve dragged my feet a bit…I’m determined! I had a knot in my stomach when I realized I could have started sooner. I don’t want it to rise up again in the form of a knot on Sunday night, fuelled by my having done next-to-nothing.

A part of me also knows that I need to temper my hunger for information. It’s easy to waste hours using Google or social media to quench this part of me. Both outlets fascinate me, but I need to remember the difference between satisfying curiosity and mindless binging.

Furthermore, a month or so ago, a friend sent me an important message. In the aftermath of her words, I let their meaning sink in. Sometimes when quiet moments come, I don’t appreciate them.

Now…I haven’t spent much time trying to understand the buzz around leaning in. But I know that leaning out–extending myself to be constantly in touch with others or technology–can leave me empty. This year I want to spend more time appreciating quiet moments. In chasing them away, I risk losing an opportunity.

Henceforth, when chances to learn more about myself come, I plan to embrace them and not run away.

We’ll see how everything unfolds…

Happy New Year!


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