I'm just sayin'.

Are You Oppressed?: A Checklist for Contemporary Martyrs

THINK, Dear Reader. Are you really, truly oppressed?



It’s a serious question. I know it’s hard to tell these days, what with all these folks getting their way. Let’s face it, though. We don’t exist in a vacuum.

Surviving in the same country as ne’er do wells, it can be hard to tell if their Evil Agenda has taken control of your environment. Here are a few signs to watch out for:

Are your movements restricted? Are you prohibited from sections of public places such as restaurants and theatres? Are you banned from certain establishments altogether?

Do officials deny you certain services while placing no restrictions on those of another, dominant culture?

What about education?: When it comes to school, can you only send your offspring to institutions reserved for people of your background? If you attempt to do otherwise, is your family met by folks spewing verbal and physical threats?


If you’ve answered “no” to the questions above, then congratulations! You’re NOT oppressed!



Sorry, Kim.

Be a dear, please.

Stop believing the lie that when people who have nothing to do with you are allowed to live their lives as they choose it’s a sure sign that they’re about to destroy yours.

Inspired by this Gawker piece, along with this weekend’s Twitter mayhem.


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