Handwringing and History

Every time I feel like going off on social media, I remind myself that I ought to channel my energy into a blog post. This is one of the rare times when I’m attempting to follow through. Have any of you seen this?: I was following a contact’s thread on one of the confederate statuesContinue reading “Handwringing and History”

On “Black Friends”

Demetria just about covered it. I read a bunch of comments about Adele on Grammy night that were ridiculous. I swear. My eyes rolled so hard, it’s a wonder they didn’t fall out of my head. Then, I got introspective. What do you hear when someone uses the words “Black friends”? We live in anContinue reading “On “Black Friends””

Solid Saturday: Speak UP!!

Here’s a little something from way back when. There’s nothing like hearing your old sense of ambition falling from your lips to remind you of who you are. For the time being I’ve put my podcast aside. (NOTE: No matter what anyone else says, there’s no such thing as FREE podcast hosting. I mean…sure. SomeContinue reading “Solid Saturday: Speak UP!!”

The Magic of Misinterpretation

In addition to being shared here, I’ve posted this essay on Medium and recorded an audio version for my podcast. When I was a little girl, there were times when I regretted being brown. My schoolmates used to tease me. Their comments left me curious about having different facial features and lighter skin. As anContinue reading “The Magic of Misinterpretation”

Ode to the “F” word.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today marks the launch of the Women’s Freedom Conference. You can attend it online for free. 2. Yesterday, this article showed up in my Twitter timeline. I sent out a response. Dear @i_D, 1. We know that Beyoncé didn't invent feminism. 2. The type of #feminism she promotes is not the man-hating kind.Continue reading “Ode to the “F” word.”

Are You Oppressed?: A Checklist for Contemporary Martyrs

THINK, Dear Reader. Are you really, truly oppressed? Source It’s a serious question. I know it’s hard to tell these days, what with all these folks getting their way. Let’s face it, though. We don’t exist in a vacuum. Surviving in the same country as ne’er do wells, it can be hard to tell ifContinue reading “Are You Oppressed?: A Checklist for Contemporary Martyrs”