Nudes you can use.

I don’t always have easy access to a mall with a MAC counter. Places like Walmart are closer. Hence, earlier this summer, this video from African Export saved me. For some reason, I couldn’t find the mauve or red shades that she mentioned. But if you’re a medium-brown toned black woman looking for a neutral […]

Cameron Russell: “Looks aren’t everything…”

This video truly inspired me. We need to keep considering the realities behind what we’re fed. As Ms. Russell showed her audience the contrast between “Magazine Cameron” and “Real Life Cameron”, I was stunned. I know publications use young(er) models. But hearing about the industry from someone in it really haunted me. How many times […]


When I first prepped this post, only the video was featured. But I believe I would be remiss if I didn’t say something. The Door by Ava DuVernay depicts a prime example of something that I am deeply thankful for. Media that depicts black women as WOMEN. Not sassy stereotypes. Living, breathing, beautiful, bountiful, vulnerable, […]