Still here? Why do I keep blogging?

Behind the scenes on this website, I’ve been doing some restructuring. This led to me looking up the very first post that I shared, which in turn led to me realizing how old this blog really is.

And, yikes. It’s been a small lifetime! A child and family likely would have been a wiser investment of my time.

But let me continue my thoughts from my post on Monique Judge’s article

I remember, I was around 6 or 7 when I knew I was supposed to be a writer. Maybe younger.

When I was in school, I wrote and read aloud a story about a little alien. As I recall, the alien’s experience was supposed to be analogous to mine. Some time later–or perhaps before that, who knows?–my teacher chastised me over a little book that I’d made. I think she even called it “nonsense”.

She was so confident in her decision to dismiss me. Yet whether someone is an adult or a child, the vision that’s given to them about their destiny isn’t necessarily anyone else’s. As I’ve seen various pastors say, “God’s calling on your life wasn’t a conference call. Others don’t have to have heard it!” Meaning, people who know about your dreams may think they’re are crazy–even loved ones. But never mind what they think: Your dreams are yours and no one else’s.

Whether I love or loathe the process, I know that I was born to write. I’m still here, and I have the keen sense that my true purpose has yet to be fulfilled. And I’ll never know what my true destiny is if I don’t continue to explore my talents. That’s why I’m thankful for this website: It makes a fine place to play!







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