Coming Soon: Women’s Freedom Conference

This weekend women from around the world will be celebrated at an event that many haven’t heard of.

The Women’s Freedom Conference will take place on October the 25th, in New York City. Its format and purpose are truly innovative. Although the audience is bound to include people from all walks of life, the Women’s Freedom Conference is a celebration of women of colour. It’s the first event of its kind available digitally. I also believe it’s the only one of its scope accepting remote attendees.

Their mission impressed me. As per the conference’s web site, their goal is

to center Women of Color–our success, our concerns, our work, our activism, and our existence as vital contributors to making the world a better place. We want to make sure that women of color from around the world have a space to speak out and be heard, to teach others and to learn from each other, and to inform people of the work that they are doing in their respective communities.

In addition to attending their free webcast, there’s space available for in-person attendees. Visit this page to purchase your tickets. (Their online content is free.) If you can contribute financially to this event, visit their crowdfunding page.

For further details, you can read the complete press release for the Women’s Freedom Conference on their web site.

I’ll be there–even if only from my laptop.


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