Handwringing and History

Every time I feel like going off on social media, I remind myself that I ought to channel my energy into a blog post. This is one of the rare times when I’m attempting to follow through. Have any of you seen this?: I was following a contact’s thread on one of the confederate statuesContinue reading “Handwringing and History”

A taste of HERstory: Reflections on an unforgettable evening

In December, all I knew of HERstory in Black is that it was an idea. Emily Mills, CEO of How She Hustles had decided to step out on faith and share her vision: she wanted to create a digital photo series featuring 150 Canadian Black Women. Along the way, Emily asked the women of HowContinue reading “A taste of HERstory: Reflections on an unforgettable evening”

Making HERstory: The Photographers

The brainchild of Emily Mills, How She Hustles is a women’s network that’s been thriving for nearly 7 years. Their events are a celebration of sisterhood. Bringing together women of diverse backgrounds, How She Hustles encourages women to connect, and enjoy each other’s company. In December, Ms. Mills announced that she was working on a projectContinue reading “Making HERstory: The Photographers”

Coming Soon: Women’s Freedom Conference

This weekend women from around the world will be celebrated at an event that many haven’t heard of. The Women’s Freedom Conference will take place on October the 25th, in New York City. Its format and purpose are truly innovative. Although the audience is bound to include people from all walks of life, the Women’sContinue reading “Coming Soon: Women’s Freedom Conference”