A taste of HERstory: Reflections on an unforgettable evening

In December, all I knew of HERstory in Black is that it was an idea. Emily Mills, CEO of How She Hustles had decided to step out on faith and share her vision: she wanted to create a digital photo series featuring 150 Canadian Black Women. Along the way, Emily asked the women of How… Continue reading A taste of HERstory: Reflections on an unforgettable evening

Making HERstory: The Photographers

The brainchild of Emily Mills, How She Hustles is a women’s network that’s been thriving for nearly 7 years. Their events are a celebration of sisterhood. Bringing together women of diverse backgrounds, How She Hustles encourages women to connect, and enjoy each other’s company. In December, Ms. Mills announced that she was working on a project… Continue reading Making HERstory: The Photographers

Oh, Canada.

We’ve really been through it, haven’t we? After nearly a decade, Stephen Harper is no longer our Prime Minister. We now have a Liberal government, run by none other than Justin Trudeau. Among Mr. Trudeau’s campaign promises, there was a vow to construct a cabinet that consisted of an equal number of women and men.… Continue reading Oh, Canada.

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