Oh, Canada.

We’ve really been through it, haven’t we?

After nearly a decade, Stephen Harper is no longer our Prime Minister. We now have a Liberal government, run by none other than Justin Trudeau.

Among Mr. Trudeau’s campaign promises, there was a vow to construct a cabinet that consisted of an equal number of women and men.

That promise turned into reality Wednesday morning after he was sworn in. However the preceding days brought some interesting press coverage.

Here’s a taste of what I’m referring to:

God bless Scaachi Koul. Jonathathan Kay and Tasha Kheiriddin left me flummoxed. As I watched them, I found myself imagining the days when people believed the earth was flat and were afraid of falling off.

Meanwhile, I kept furrowing my brow and asking “Where…”

Where does it come from?

The fear, I mean.

Here’s the thing that people don’t seem to understand about diversity: Intentionally giving women or people of colour–or even BOTH–positions of power will not bring civilization to its knees.

However it’s clear that such initiatives bring terror to the heart of grown adults. And I think that’s a shame.

Nothing will be lost through the purposeful inclusion of women in Canada’s cabinet. We are not less than–mindless automatons, incapable of making good decisions. We are fully human, and deserve to be treated as such.


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