Crane’s Angels?

I know, I know. Another piece on Sleepy Hollow‘s relationships. Sorry.

After I asked about her, Jamie from Black Girl Nerds referred to Betsy Ross as “another Katrina”. Back in the day I’m pretty sure I snarked about her on Twitter. However in retrospect, I actually understood why Katrina existed. She was there from Sleepy Hollow’s beginning. She was Crane’s wife. Although the middle of Season 2 left me cold, its bookend episodes didn’t really bother me.

But Betsy Ross? What’s the point of her character? That’s my question as I watch Sleepy Hollow‘s 3rd season. Her presence has given me a really bad impression. In every season of Sleepy, were we going to be introduced to yet another of Crane’s historically-relevant girlfriends? TPTB almost had me thinking that eventually Crane was going to come to my neck of the woods for a tryst with Laura Secord. Luckily that idea fell apart…Because I realized she was from a different era.

Not that I blame the writers and producers for trying to give Crane a love interest. I mean, it’s a shame. If only he had an intelligent, hard-working, gorgeous woman to talk to…


In all seriousness, I’m not a hardcore Ichabbie shipper. However, there’s an affectionate dynamic between Abbie and Crane. TPTB’s intentional avoidance of pairing them together–depicting them as obviously in love but not physically affectionate–seems odd. (And when I say “odd”, I’m being generous.) It simply doesn’t make sense.



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