Nicole Beharie Deserves Better

Have you seen this?

Video via Nicole Beharie Daily

Shortly after I pressed “PLAY”, I almost started to cry. I definitely started to think.

As a fan, I realized how selfish I’ve been. I don’t want to let Nicole Beharie’s Abbie go. But you know what else I don’t want? For Ms. Beharie to have to put up with an abusive work environment.

One of the women in the video used the word “toxic”. I can only imagine what Nikki went through, but I have a feeling that the anecdotes that have been swirling around are only the tip of the iceberg.

Nicole Beharie,

Thank you for inspiring the girl inside of me to keep on dreaming.

Since I’ve been talking about what I want in a TV show so much these days, how about what I want for someone else…?

Photography by Indira Cesarine

Image Source

I want Nicole Beharie to wake up any given workday with a sense of fullness in her heart, knowing she’s going to spend time on material she enjoys, with colleagues and BOSSES who know and honour her worth.

If the people at Sleepy Hollow or FOX couldn’t give that to her, then shame on them.


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