Star Trek Into Darkness

Well. I’ve seen it. After I went into Toronto on the 26th, when I got home, I realized I had forgotten my coat. Hence, another day trip to Toronto was in order. Last Saturday, once my mission was accomplished at Hotel Ocho, I was left with some serious downtime. It didn’t take long for me… Continue reading Star Trek Into Darkness

And another one.

I keep thinking May is far away. But then I realize…No, it’s not. 😉

“Is there anything that you would not do for your family?”

So. In Japan, the Star Trek trailer has a few extra seconds. Aaaaaand…I’m still confused. I have theories. But I don’t think I’ll learn anything ’til next year. Maybe someone will let something slip during an interview. Like when I found out that Spock and Uhura were an item before the movie aired.

So there’ll be no Star Trek ’til 2013.

Seriously. In the meantime, what’s a woman to do? Watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, of course!! Oh, come on. SOMETHING’s gotta fill the gaping sci-fi/sfx hole in my soul. The fangirl in me is absolutely in love with this movie. The Gorgeous Geeks interviewed the film’s writers: But it wasn’t only the… Continue reading So there’ll be no Star Trek ’til 2013.