Quit teasing!: Star Trek Into Darkness’ first REAL trailer.

I’m glad I don’t have to watch a teaser any more. Here’s what I was waiting for: I still have the same question in my head as I did the last time. I would like to know…Just who is the “family” that’s mentioned? Kirk’s sister?

“Is there anything that you would not do for your family?”

So. In Japan, the Star Trek trailer has a few extra seconds. Aaaaaand…I’m still confused. I have theories. But I don’t think I’ll learn anything ’til next year. Maybe someone will let something slip during an interview. Like when I found out that Spock and Uhura were an item before the movie aired.

So there’ll be no Star Trek ’til 2013.

Seriously. In the meantime, what’s a woman to do? Watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, of course!! Oh, come on. SOMETHING’s gotta fill the gaping sci-fi/sfx hole in my soul. The fangirl in me is absolutely in love with this movie. The Gorgeous Geeks interviewed the film’s writers: But it wasn’t only the […]