and now for something completely superficial, Beam me up!

Just FYI, Trekkahs.

Canadians can cast votes for the People’s Choice Awards. (Check the forthcoming URL. It says “cdn”.)

Would you believe that Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are in the same category?

I kid you not.

A part of me started to lean towards Chris because of his talented turn as Captain Kirk.

But then I felt the pull of ZQ.

That photo is not mine. I found it here.


What’s a fangirl to do?

ETA: I might abstain. If I vote for one without the other, it’s highly likely that the guilt will plague me for days.


One thought on “Just FYI, Trekkahs.

  1. chello… who is this hunk of handsomeness? i’m so out of touch with celebrities these days… i don’t know my twilight from my true blood…

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