Beam me up!, Film

Heeeeere Trekkie, Trekkie….

I have the DVD. Two disks. No complaints.

This video pretty much summed up the reaction I had. In my head, I mean.

(HT – Space: No Uglies)

As for the next film, do you remember this post?

At the end, I wrote the director a note.

Dear J. J.

I want another Trek. By no later than 2012, OR ELSE.

Bless you…


Even though I was teasing when I typed, it looks like I was onto something. In this interview, Mr. Abrams says

I believe the next Star Trek film will be in 2012.

So if the world doesn’t come to an end (HA!), at least I’ll have some Trek to keep me warm.

ETA: Another Space: No Uglies find. Just because.


One thought on “Heeeeere Trekkie, Trekkie….

  1. Lisa says:

    I think you are the unlikeliest Trekkie I know! I had so much fun when we went to see this in Toronto; it may have been my best memory of that week.

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