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  • Let him cook: Jesse Eisenberg

    So. Mr. Social Network has been cast as Lex Luthor, and folks aren’t having it. Whether in real life or virtually, I know that some people have been disgusted. Meanwhile, me? I’m gonna be here in the corner… Here’s why: 1. The Social Network showed me that Jesse is insanely talented. As actors go, he…

  • Next summer.

  • Man of Steel

    Guess what I watched Wednesday night? My friend Nicole and I went to see Man of Steel. It revived the sense of wonder that I had as a child when I saw the first Superman films. Rather than posting a typical review, I’ve decided to share a few random, SPOILER-filled thoughts. I should warn you…

  • Dark Girls – Trailer

    Random thoughts: 1. Years ago when a friend labelled me “light skinned” I was stunned. In drugstores, I could never find matching foundation. When someone refers to something as “nude”, they’re often speaking of a shade of beige that doesn’t match my skin tone. Still, her comment left an impression. Although I knew about it…

  • Trailer Thursday

  • Star Trek’s equal? Maybe.

    Because next summer can’t have only one blockbuster.

  • Trailer Tuesday

    Everything about this clip makes me want to see the movie. (Isn’t that what a good trailer should do?) From the actors, to the sets and clothes, to Morgan Freeman’s flawless voice… Now You See Me is supposed to be out on June 7th of next year. It looks like fun. …And I’m going to…

  • Meet Downton Abbey’s Daddy

    In my hunt for content, I realize I’ve got perfectly good drafts floating around. Here’s a musing of mine from a few weeks back. This weekend, I watched Gosford Park. I looked at it three times: Twice on Saturday, and a bit more on Sunday while I did my hair. Like Downton Abbey, it focuses…

  • “Pew, pew, pew!!”

    I still haven’t seen The Avengers. But this video makes me wish I had.

  • The Colour of Beauty

    I recently watched THIS FILM. It won’t embed in WordPress, but I thought I’d share. (HT – Black Girl Long Hair)