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Heeeeere Trekkie, Trekkie….

I have the DVD. Two disks. No complaints.

This video pretty much summed up the reaction I had. In my head, I mean.

(HT – Space: No Uglies)

As for the next film, do you remember this post?

At the end, I wrote the director a note.

Dear J. J.

I want another Trek. By no later than 2012, OR ELSE.

Bless you…


Even though I was teasing when I typed, it looks like I was onto something. In this interview, Mr. Abrams says

I believe the next Star Trek film will be in 2012.

So if the world doesn’t come to an end (HA!), at least I’ll have some Trek to keep me warm.

ETA: Another Space: No Uglies find. Just because.

and now for something completely superficial, Film

Revenge is Sweet.

Yesterday I saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I don’t know what the critics have been complaining about or hoping for…

Over on Rotten Tomatoes, Revenge has a 21% fresh rating. Again, I can’t help but wonder why.

Nothing was diminished. The quality of the cinematography, acting, effects, etc., were identical to that of the first film. The only difference between the two movies was in the plot and its execution. It was familiar enough to be a sequel, yet original enough to be its own vehicle. And it was every bit as good as its predecessor.

To those who don’t like this version of Transformers…Some of whom seem to be critics who found absolutely nothing wrong with the first film…Let me school you…

*takes out chalkboard and writes in big letters*

Revenge of the Fallen is a Michael Bay movie.

*puts chalk down*

Transformers is an action film. Not a character-driven drama.

And in Revenge, Mr. Bay delivered exactly what I expected–a kick-ass, blow-em-up, CGI-infested visual feast. It ain’t Shakespeare.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My only beef was with the supporting characters. The Twins got on my nerves. But only a little…As for Arcee…She and her sisters(?) were on-screen for merely seconds before they were eliminated.

Ah well…

Overall, it was a fantastic film.

Definitely worth watching… 🙂

and now for something completely superficial, Beam me up!, Film

Star Trek – Thoughts

Church of Trek

The image above is not mine. It’s from Futurama. I Googled it myself.

Here’s a confession if ever there was one:

If I was not a Christian, Star Trek would be my religion.

I kid you not.

Given the an opportunity to hypothesize, some may cite Buddhism and other faiths. But me?

Forget deities that have been respected the world over for thousands of years.

I want a phaser and some Romulan Ale.

Remember when I posted the trailer? I said that if I thought the film was awful, then everyone would know?

Today I would like to thank J. J. Abrams. J. J., you have given me a movie that I am going to see in the theatre more than once. And that NEVER happens.

I have a bit of a spotty Star Trek history. The only series I know in depth is Star Trek: The Next Generation. In fact, TNG is the first and only television show of which I have seen every episode.

My viewing of the other series has been admittedly sketchy.

Nevertheless, I feel confident that I have a fairly strong sense of what Star Trek is. Good Trek, bad Trek. I like to think I can tell the difference.

And Star Trek, my friends, is some Very GOOD Trek. 😉

Some critics bemoan the fact that no politically galvanizing storyline was involved. Historically speaking, one thing Star Trek is renowned for is its plots involving social metaphor.

But you know what?

When I stepped into that theatre Saturday night, I wasn’t looking for a brain-bender. I was looking for a good time.

And I got one.

Not that Star Trek isn’t a smart film. (It is.) But the basic function of this effort was to (re)introduce the characters to a new generation of fans. And that it did.

By the by, here are some (spoilerific) things that mess with Star Trek canon:

In the new film, Spock and Uhura are an item. I first heard about this via an interview on Youtube. My brow furrowed, and I think I made a face. I was truly perplexed.

But it works in the movie. And I actually like their pairing.

Mind you, I’d like it even more if in the forthcoming movies they are given something more substantial to do than snogging in the elevator. Or in the transporter room. Speaking of those scenes, I don’t mean to be glib. I know there’s something there.

And quite frankly, I’d like to see more of it. Whatever it is.

Regarding Vulcan: Spock doesn’t have a home planet any longer. Nor does he have a mother. (Masterfully played by Winona Ryder.) Of all the things that happened in the film, I wish she hadn’t died. It seemed to me that Amanda Greyson would have been an interesting character.

Oh well.

“Are you out of your Vulcan mind?” still makes me laugh. The delivery of that line was impeccable.

The film held my attention from start to finish. The special effects, the lighting, the writing, the costumes, the music…From the bits with an orchestra to the Beastie Boys(!)…And of course, the acting…Everything clicked. I–and several other viewers–clapped at the end. The closing credits were gorgeous.

I cannot wait for the next installment.

Dear J. J.

I want another Trek. By no later than 2012, OR ELSE.

Bless you.


and now for something completely superficial, Beam me up!, Film

Star Trek – A Prayer

This review cracked me up. And quite honestly, I agree with every word.

Lord, we thank thee for imbuing Abrams with taste and conscience enough to guarantee that “Star Trek” will once again live long and prosper. May he do the same.


Seriously, though? Now that I’ve seen Star Trek in Abrams’ hands, I really don’t want anyone else directing their movies.

Beam me up!, Film

“Are you out of your Vulcan mind?”


Not really.

That, by the way, is probably the closest I’ll get to swearing on this blog. (I didn’t know it was a previously-used Trek line. In the current movie, Bones says it in such a way that “Vulcan” serves as an excellent stand-in for…Another word.)

Now then…

One of my roommates took me to see J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek.

And yes, some fanboys will wail and whine about canon. But somehow it all works. At least for this fangirl. 😉

I won’t write a full review tonight, but I will say this: It is an exceptional film.

diversity, Film

False Avatar

…And to think sometimes I wonder why directors cast Chinese people to play Koreans, and vice versa…

Right now there are bigger fish to fry.

*cue Valley Girl accent*

So I was just looking at Racialicious, and like, this series called Avatar: The Last Airbender is being made into, like, a live-action film.  The characters are, like, Asian, but SOMEHOW, the director, producers, and the, like, production company are, like, tooootally hell-bent on casting Caucasian actors for the lead roles.

You can read about it right here.*

*ends accent before ears start bleeding*

What’s next? A remake of Roots with actors in blackface?

In case you can’t tell, I am for authentic casting.  Overall, I’m very open-minded. I don’t mind seeing mixed-race couples, families, children, etc. If a family of one specific ethnic group is depicted as having members that are of another ethnic group, then hey, I don’t mind. That’s normal to me.  (That’s my LIFE!)

And I know there may be exceptions out there. However generally speaking, if a story/novel/cartoon is traditionally known for portraying people of a specific culture along with their clothing, customs, etc., then guess what?  When the live-action version of said story comes along, I would surely hope expect that the people in charge of said production would do their best to cast members of the appropriate ethnic group(s) in those roles.

To do anything else–namely completely disregard the aforementioned opportunity for authenticity–is sheer laziness.

Really, people.  Are decent Asian actors REALLY that hard to find?

I dug up those links^^^ in a couple of minutes on Google.  Just imagine what could happen if a casting executive or two used their heads?  Is it really that much trouble?  Or is it just a matter of the old Tinsel Town superstition that if the leads in your film are Latino/unknown and black/Native/Asian, then no one will come and see it?

They need to get over that real quick.

This is the YouTube generation. Jane Doe could be in your production. So long as you put on a good show, who cares? [EDIT: Or as I said earlier today,”…audiences love well-told stories, ‘star power’ be DAMNED!”]

We like to watch.

Need I remind The Powers That Be that non-white people watch films? We actually enjoy seeing people who look like us every now and then. Why do you think Grey’s Anatomy was (is?) so popular?

Some of the folks in Hollywood really should educate themselves. Just when I think they have a clue about folks in the real world and how to respectfully portray people of colour, they go and pull something like this…


Thank You For Smoking – The Movie

What a sweet surprise! TYFS is a well-made film with a killer cast. The writing was absolutely delicious.

Somehow I have the feeling it was a hoot to make.

I highly recommend TYFS. It takes on this era’s penchant for legitimizing BS and is hella smart. Blah blah blah plot summary. Go read that here. (I had a devil of a time finding it on the official site.)